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Let RRRummy use another language

RRRummy tries to find the best available language for you by itself, and if it can't find any, it will use English. But you may want to let RRRummy one of the other available languages.

Change the language

In menu Start new game, click
Setup and Preferences
, then choose Language.

The Language window opens. Here you can change the language of RRRummy, or let RRRummy choose the best fitting language for you.

For a full explanation of this window, see the Language window reference.

Escape from a foreign language

In case you chose an foreign language by mistake that you don't understand, there is a way to escape.

First, press Shift+Ctrl+E together. This will reset the language to English.

Then, if you don't understand English either:

In menu Start New Game, click
Setup and Preferences
, then choose Language.

In the Language window, make sure Use this language: is selected, and then choose the best language for you from the list.

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