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End my turn

If you can't play any more cards, or you don't want to play, then you end your turn. There are many ways to end your turn; choose the one that suits you best.

There is a significant difference in how you end your turn depending on whether the game has a discard pile or not.

End my turn (no discard pile)

In menu Playing the game, click
End turn

If you can validly end your turn now, then your turn ends (a card may be drawn for you from the stock).

If you cannot validly end your turn, then you'll see a menu. Either fix things right on the table, or undo your moves, or choose Revert turn and accept penalty and accept the penalty for the game.

Alternative ways (no discard pile)

You can click anywhere in the stock.

Or, you can double click at an empty spot in the table area.

Or, you can hit the Enter key.

Or, in cases where you end your turn by drawing a card from the stock, you can use any method to draw a card from the stock.

End my turn in a game with a discard pile

In a game with a discard pile The discard pile is a separate pile of cards that are turned face up, next to the stock, available in some games. During the game, you can draw cards from the discard pile, and you end your turn by playing a card onto the discard pile. , you have to end your turn by playing a card from your hand, and drop in onto the discard pile.

In some games with a discard pile, you don't have to play a card to the pile if you can win the game (that is, your hand is empty). In such a case, you can use any of the methods listed above.

Alternatively, you can use the menu:

In menu Playing the game, click
End turn
, then choose Play to the discard pile for me.

This will play a random card from your hand to the discard pile. It is not necessarily the best card to play, so you'll probably prefer playing a card yourself.

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