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Play RRRummy solo against the computer

Play when nobody is around

You fancy a game of Tile Rummy but there is nobody around to play with you? Then you play a game against the computer with RRRummy!

Enjoy the many game variations included in RRRummy, from Tile Rummy type games to original variations.

Play against a single computer opponent, or two, or three. For an extra challenge, you set a time limit per turn, from an easy 2 minutes to a crazy 20 seconds!

  • Play solo against the computer
  • Play 2, 3 or 4 player games
  • Play with or without a time limit each turn

Pick the difficulty level that suits you best: easy, medium or hard.

Or leave it at the automatic level - the better you play, the better the computer players will become too!


Never short of time

What if you're in the middle of a thrilling game and you must leave? No worries - RRRummy will happily save your game. Then at a later time, you continue the game where you left it, and play it to a finish.

Each player name can have a saved game, so if you add more player names, you can have several saved games at the same time.

  • Save your game at any time
  • Continue and finish your game later
  • Multiple saved games if you use different player names

In the favorite tables list, you keep the game types that you like best, with the number of players and the time limt that you prefer.

Then you quickly start those games with a single mouse click!

Favorite tables list


Free 15-day trial


You meet six different computer players, each with their own individual playing style. Mark the ones that you like best as favorite, and you'll meet them more often!


If you are used to playing Tile Rummy in a slightly different way, just design your own game variation. You'll always play the game as you like it best!


Free 15-day trial

Keep your brain in shape!

If you don't use your brain regularly, it will become weaker.

Give your brain a daily workout with a game of RRRummy!


Organize your tiles

How would you like to organize the tiles in your hand? RRRummy can keep them for you in sequence automatically. Or you can have RRRummy organize the tiles in rows and columns of color and value, for a good overview at a glance.

Kept in sequence
Kept in sequence

Organize yourself
Organize yourself
In rows and columns
In rows and columns

Or do you prefer to organize the tiles yourself? You can put them in any sequence, in one or more rows. And even then, you can have RRRummy organize them with a single mouse click, as a starting point for you.

Tidy the table

When a game is going on for a while, the table can become crowded and you loose the overview.

Then it's time to tidy the table, so all runs (like 456 ) are at one end, and all sets (like 444 ) are at the other. You'll quickly find new moves!

Crowded table
Crowded table
Tidied table
Tidied table

You can even have RRRummy tidy the table at your every turn, so it's always neatly organized!

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