Play RRRummy together in multiplayer games

Play together with your friends and relatives

Play a game of Tile Rummy with your spouse, your parents, or your grandchildren, even when you are miles apart! In a private game room, you play with your friends and relatives in private with no strangers around. Four people can play together on a single RRRummy license.

And if anyone needs to leave, your game in a private game room is saved automatically. Then when you get back together later, you can continue the game where you left it.

  • Play together with your spouse, parents, grandchildren
  • Save your game and continue later
  • Four people play on a single license

To play in a private game room, just think of a private password and share it with your friends. When all players enter that password before they start playing, you will meet in your own private room.

Enter game room name



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Enter a competition and play for real! Each game that you win or lose will make you rise or fall in the charts.

When the competition round is over and you're at the top, you'll get stars * that will be displayed next to your name.

You can even create your own competition!

Meet other Tile Rummy fans

Go and play in the public game room and meet other Tile Rummy fans from all over the world. Without doubt, you will make new friends!

Log in to this site and mark your new friends as "nice", so you'll quickly recognize them the next time you play RRRummy.

Don't forget to enter one of the competitions, for an extra challenge.

  • Meet other Tile Rummy fans
  • Make new friends
  • Try and win in a competition

Four people can play together on a single license

Your online account

When you go and play RRRummy with other people, RRRummy will ask you to log in to your online account.

Create an account now - it's free to try.

Whenever you want to manage your contacts, or to enter a competition, you also use your account to log in to this website.

In your account, you can create three additional friend-accounts that you share with your friends or relatives.

You'll all play together on a single RRRummy license!

When you buy RRRummy, don't forget to activate your account and unlock all features.

Example 1. Play together with your spouse

(Players sharing a household)

  • You download and install RRRummy on all your computers and laptops
  • You create an account, and add one or more friend accounts
  • In RRRummy, each player logs in with their own account or friend-account, and you'll be playing together

Example 2. Play together with friends or relatives

(Players not living together)

  • You create an account, and add one or more friend accounts
  • Your friends download RRRummy and use it to play multiplayer games
  • And when they buy RRRummy themselves, they can play solo games against the computer, too
    You might want to buy them RRRummy as a gift!

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  • Valid for all your computers and laptops
  • Lifetime free upgrades
  • Four people play together on a single license
  • 30-day money back guarantee


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