About RRRummy VIPs

Some people have RRRummy VIP behind their name. Those are members who have contributed substantially to RRRummy, and were therefore made a RRRummy VIP.

How do I become a RRRummy VIP?

You can become a RRRummy VIP if you contribute to RRRummy. For example, you can:

  • Promote RRRummy with special links on your home page, your blog, your profile, etc..
  • Translate RRRummy into a language that is not available yet.

Are there more benefits to being a VIP?

Yes, there are. As a RRRummy VIP, you'll get VIP points. If you have collected enough VIP points, you can trade them for a free license. You can use that license yourself, or you can give it away and make someone else happy.

If you have collected even more VIP points, you can trade them for money. For more information, follow one of the links above.