If you don't play

This rule tells you what to do if you can't or won't play any of your cards. There are two major options: draw more cards from the stock, or end your turn.

You must draw from the stock

This option tells you to draw more cards from the stock. There are two possibilities: a limited number of cards, or an unlimited number.

  • At most a limited number of cards

    If you don't play, you can draw a limited number of cards from the stock.

    If you draw fewer cards than the maximum number, then you may still play something and end your turn.

    After you have drawn the maximum number of extra cards, there are still two options:

    You may still play before you end your turn.

    Your turn ends and you can only play again in your next turn.

  • Until you can play

    If you can't play, then you have to keep drawing more cards from the stock until you can play. With this option, the game actually checks that there is no obvious move available, before it lets you draw another card.

Your turn ends

If this option is set, then if you don't play your may not draw any more cards and your turn ends. In games with a discard pile, you end your turn by playing a card from your hand onto the discard pile.

This option cannnot be used if you don't have to draw any cards at the start of your turn. Otherwise there would be no possibility to draw cards at all, and the game would soon be stuck.

Games with this rule

In most built-in games in RRRummy, this rule says that you must draw one card and then your turn ends. In games with a discard pile, your turn just ends. Interesting variations are Shanhgai and Windmill, where you have to draw until you can play; and Carousel and Accelleration, where you can draw up to 2 or 5 more cards, respectively.


In most Rummy type games with no discard pile, including Tile Rummy, you draw one card and your turn ends. Some games have different rules, like Shanghai, where you have to keep drawing until you can play.