Time limit per turn

In a game with a time limit, you have only a limited time to complete your turn. If you haven't completed your turn before time runs out, your turn is terminated automatically.

If you have left incomplete melds on the table when time runs out, or you cannot end your turn for some other reason, then all the moves you have played in that turn will be reverted. Also, you will have to accept the penalty for playing illegally.

When time runs out in games with the rule you must play if you can, and you haven't played anything yet (or your moves were reverted), then the computer will do a move for you.

In some games, you must draw one or more cards at the start of your turn. In those games, you'll get a bit of extra time for each card you draw, so you won't run out of time just because you have to draw cards.

Six seconds before you run out of time, you will hear a warning sound (unless you have turned off sounds).

Games with this rule

In RRRummy, World Champs Rummy has a time limit of 1 minute. However, you can choose to play any other game with a time limit, too.


Other Rummy games can be played with a time limit; you can use an hourglass for example to track the time. Tile Rummy is also sometimes played with a limited time per turn.