Winning the game

The player that has played all his cards in a legal way, so no cards remain in is hand, wins the game.

The winner gets a score that is the total of the face values of all cards still in the hands of the other players. In this total, Jokers count special. This score is added to the game score of the winner.

For the other players, the total face value of the cards in their hand is subtracted from their game score.

Special cases

There are a few special cases where the game can end before a player has played all his cards.

If the stock contains no more cards, then no player will ever get more cards than they have. Therefore, if none of the players can play, the game ends.

Games where you can knock can also end early, when one of the players knock.

In games that end early, the game is won by the player who has the lowest total face value in his hand. Like normally, the total of points in the hands of the other players is added to the winner's game score, but now the total of points in his own hand is subtracted.

Games with this rule

All games in RRRummy are won if you play all your cards in a valid way.


Also all other Rummy variations, including Tile Rummy, are won if you play all your cards. In some games though, the score is counted in a different way.