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Oh wait, no you won't.

RRRummy is not free software, you'll have to pay for a license if you'd like to play it.

You can download a free trial version here.

You can buy a RRRummy license here.

Three reasons why you should pay for RRRummy

1. We're not Micro$oft

That's right, we're not a mega multi billion dollar company. Actually, "we" (that is, YPR Software B.V.) is just me: Yvon Rozijn.

In fact, most paid software you'll find on the internet is created by individuals or very small companies (2-3 people).

And like everybody, I'll have to eat, pay my rent, feed my cat, etc..

So, if you don't pay for RRRummy, then you're not hurting some big rich multinational company, you're directly hurting an individual person like yourself.

2. Cracks are unsafe

Today, many cracked versions of software contain viruses or other malicious software that steal your passwords or turn your computer into a spamming machine.

Some "warez" sites offer downloads that don't even contain the advertized software, you only get the badware!

Don't rely on your antivirus software to catch those - test show that antivirus products on average won't detect 40% of all malicious software.

Is it really worth the risk? Remember, taking your computer to the shop and have it cleaned of viruses will probably cost you more than a RRRummy license will cost you. Download a safe trial version of RRRummy here

3. Cracked versions won't work

Really. Crackers aren't interested in RRRummy - they only want to show off how "good" they are and how many titles they can crack. So when they think they have cracked software, they move on to the next software title, without properly testing their "work" or even without knowing what to look for when they would test it. And so you end up with a useless and unsafe piece of software that doesn't play the game right, has strange errors and will sometimes crash.

Allow yourself a working game and dowload the original here. It will work much better than any crack you might find!