Change theme

In this window, you can choose another theme A theme is a collection of images and sounds, that determines how RRRummy looks. Different games can have different themes; and you can change the theme during a game. to use in the game that you are playing.


1. Choose a theme

You can choose another theme in this list. The list contains a thumbnail example image of the theme, and its name. Some themes may imply a change of cardset A cardset in RRRummy is the collection of images used to represent the cards or tiles that you play the game with. Different games can have different cardsets; and you can change the cardset during a game. Some themes come with their own cardset. , too.

2. How to apply the theme

Here you choose how the new theme is applied:

Try this theme now will change the theme now, but the next time you start a similar table the original theme will be used again.

Use this theme always in this game will not only change the theme at the current table, but also change the theme in the game definition, so in future tables with the same game, the new theme will be used.

3. Edit a theme (download version only)

With these buttons you can edit a theme or create your own.

Edit selected theme will open the theme editor window for the selected theme, and you can change certain aspects of the theme.

Create a new theme will open the theme editor window for a new theme, that you can set up from scratch.

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