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How to join a competition

In a competition, you measure your RRRummy playing skills with other players. If you are the best, you'll win a golden star !

This guide lists the steps to take to join a competition.

Log in as a full member

You can only join a competition if you are logged in to this website, and if you are a full member.

Before you can join any competition, you must log in.

Choose your competition

Next step is to choose in which competition you'd like to play. You can join more than one competition at the time.

Show the competitions list and click on the name of the competition of your choice.

Some competitions are private, and you can only join them if you are invited by the competition owner. To show a private competition, enter the competition name and its password in the boxes below the list of competitions.


After the previous step, you see an overview of the competition (players and their scores, and the competition rules).

At the top right of this page, there is a button Join. Click it to join this competition.

On the next page, you'll have to agree to the competition terms. Tick both checkboxes and click the Join button again. Now you are a member of that competition.

Let your games count

When you go and play online games with other people, don't forget to select your competition before you add a new table or join an existing one. If you don't select a competition, your game will not count.

For more information, see: Available tables (online).