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Will RRRummy run on my computer, tablet, phone?

RRRummy needs Java to run. Basically, that means that if there is Java available for your computer, handheld or phone, it is likely that RRRummy will run on it.

For computers with Windows, Macintosh OS X or Linux, Java is available and RRRummy will run on such computers. You may have to download Java first.

For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and for Android tablets and phones, we recommend Pup Rummy +. In this app, you play a selection of RRRummy type games against computer players, and you can create and play your own game types like you can in RRRummy.

For other tablet computers, handheld devices or phones, Java may be available. Consult the help pages for your device, or search the internet for a suitable Java package. If you have found one for your device and can run RRRummy, please let us know so we can update these help pages.