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Results of the current round

2 days left until the end of this round!

Player name Games Won Points Average Last played Previous
# 1 strawberry (YORKSHIRE) 56 52 15 -961 -18.5Yesterday

Details of Rummi Fun



Description by owner:

A rummy competition that is scored on Average Score and NOT Total Score....Have fun, be courteous and enjoy your games!!! Please read all the rules and welcome to RUMMI FUN!

*** MINIMUM games has been changed ***

Competition rules:

All games are allowed
All players are allowed at a table
Quitting and being removed are penalized
Friend accounts and other similar players are not allowed at the same table
Players are ranked on average score
Current round ends at 2023-Sep-25 00:00:00 (GMT)
Each round lasts 14 days
The top 10% players will win a star
You must play at least 40 games in order to be ranked
If you join less than 3 days before the end of a round, you are not ranked

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