Play RRRummy - solo and together

A sample game of RRRummy (like Tile Rummy), with four players. The player is adding his green 9 and 10 to an existing meld on the table.

A game of RRRummy (like Tile Rummy)

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  • Play multiplayer games with other people
  • Get together with with friends or relatives
  • Meet other Tile Rummy fans and make new friends

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Pup Rummy
Play a selection of RRRummy games against the computer, on your
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Play RRRummy against the computer

Have years of fun playing your daily game of RRRummy. Try and beat the computer players, at the difficulty level that suits you best, in one of the many game variations.

Keep your brain in shape!

  • Meet six different computer players
  • Play at your own difficulty level
  • Choose from many game variations

Play RRRummy together

Get together with your relatives and friends, even when you are miles apart, in a multiplayer game of RRRummy.

Meet other Tile Rummy fans from all over the world and make new friends.

  • Play RRRummy with your parents, or grandchildren
  • Play with four people on a single license
  • Win stars in a competition

Included games

Tile Rummy type:
RRRummy, Dutch Rummy, Tiles 50, Pup Rummy, Easy Rummy
Manipulation type:
Carousel, Shanghai
Gin Rummy type:
Jin Rummy, Tonic Rummy
Original variations:
Rozzy, Windmill, Accelleration

...and more.

You can add your own game variations, too!

A multiplayer game of Wooden Rummy, with the beautiful Wooden theme and tile set. The player has chosen to sort the tiles in his hand himself, and added an extra row to get more room for his tiles. This time the game was played with a time limit of 1 minute per turn, as you can tell from the clock. This screen shot is in Dutch; RRRummy is fully translated into several languages.

A multiplayer game of Wooden Rummy


Free 15-day trial

Basic Game Rules

  • Play your tiles as 3 or more numbers in sequence, of the same color: 456
  • Or play your tiles as 3 or 4 equal numbers in different colors: 444
  • You may rearrange tiles already on the table
  • Jokers can represent any other tile
  • If you can't play, you draw from the stock
  • When you play all your tiles, you win

These are the basic rules of the game. Each game variation has its own additional rules.

Complete Tile Rummy game rules

A game of Shangai, played with playing cards instead of tiles. The player has chosen to have RRRummy organize his hand automatically in rows and columns, by suit and value. And to get a bigger playing area, the player has hidden the menu buttons.

Shanghai, with cards organized in rows and columns

Improve your game with RRRummy

Practise on the computer and become a better Tile Rummy player. Learn from watching the computer play or let RRRummy show you the moves that you didn't find yourself. Try out and compare different playing strategies.

  • Practise with computer players
  • Get hints while you play
  • Try new playing strategies

Create your own RRRummy

Play with your favorite picture in the game background, like your grandchildren or your pet. Choose any of the several beautiful tile sets available.

Play with the game rules that you like best. Explore thousands of possible new game variations.

  • Add your own background picture
  • Download additional tile or card sets
  • Design your own game variations

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