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Accept the penalty for an invalid turn

If you played in an invalid way, then you cannot end your turn without accepting a penalty A penalty is a way to punish you when you end your turn in an invalid way. For example, when you end your turn while not all cards on the table are part of a valid meld.

In some games, you have to draw extra cards from the stock. In other games, you have to skip one or more turns as a penalty.

See: penalty rule
. Most of the times, you will undo your moves and avoid the penalty, but sometimes you'll actually want to accept the penalty.

Accept the penalty

In menu Playing the game, click
End turn
, then choose Revert turn and accept penalty.

As the item says, all the moves you did are reverted, and the penalty is applied.

In a game with the rule You must play if you can, when you can indeed play something, the menu item reads Revert turn, play for me, and accept penalty. In that case, the computer will do a move for you before the penalty is applied.

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