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Trade duplicate cards

In some games, you can trade duplicate cards in your hand Your hand is the row (or rows) of cards at the bottom of the screen. When you have played all cards from your hand, you win the game. with the other players.

Trade duplicate cards

You can only trade duplicate cards from your hand, before you played anything else in your turn. You can only trade with another player that has duplicate cards, as shown by the duplicate indicator in the opponent's hand.

To trade a duplicate card, pick up the card and drop it on the other player's hand.

Note that in order to prevent cheating, you cannot undo the trading of a duplicate card.

In a game against the computer, your card is immediately replaced by another card. You can then play this card onto the table, or put it back in your hand, as you like.

In an online game with other people, you'll see a window telling you to wait while the other player is picking the duplicate card that he wants to trade for your card. Eventually, the window disappears and your card is probably replaced by another card. (If the other player doesn't want to trade after all, your card may stay the same.)

If it takes too long, you can cancel the window and continue playing. Your card will not have been traded for another one.

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