Sort my hand in a different way

You can have your hand Your hand is the row (or rows) of cards at the bottom of the screen. When you have played all cards from your hand, you win the game. automatically sorted in different ways, or you can opt to sort your hand yourself.

Change the hand sort mode

In menu Start new game, click
Setup and Preferences
, then choose My hand

or in menu Playing the game, click
, then choose My hand.

The My hand window opens, where you can customize the way your hand is sorted.

For a full explanation of this window, see the My hand window reference.

Using the keyboard

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to quickly change the hand sort mode:

Ctrl+K will keep your hand sorted by suit, then by value: 123123.

Ctrl+L will keep your hand sorted by value, then by suit: 112233.

Ctrl+G will keep your hand organized in a grid: 4 rows of 13 cards.

Ctrl+H will let you sort your hand yourself.

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