Stop and save a game against the computer

You can stop a game against the computer at any time. The table A table in RRRummy is a combination of game rules, a number of players, and optionally a time limit.

RRRummy keeps a list of favorite tables, so you can easily play your favorite games against the number of players you like. You can add, delete or sort your favorite tables.
is then saved, so you can resume the game at a later time.


For each player name A player is an alternate name you use for playing games. For every player, individual statistics are kept, and each player can have one saved table.

See: Add player names
, there can be only one saved table. If you save a game, then all previously saved tables are forgotten.

Stop and save a table

In menu Playing the game, click
Leave table
, then choose Stop and save this table.

If you are playing an online game against other people, then the text of the menu choice is different, to reflect the impact of your leaving the table.

Save the table automatically

If you ever exit RRRummy during a game against the computer, then a recent table state is saved automatically for you. So even if you close the RRRummy window by mistake, you can still continue your game the next time.

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