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Your first move must be a complete meld

In a game where this rule is in place, the first cards that you play in a game must form one or more entire melds with only cards that come from your hand. It is not allowed to add your cards to existing melds on the table, or to combine your first cards with other cards from the table.

Melds must be a minimum number of points

If this option is set, the meld or melds that you form in your first move must be of at least a given minimum total number of points. If you cannot reach that total number of points, then you cannot play yet.

In computing this total value, Aces always count as 1, even if you play them after a 13 (King). Jokers count as the value they represent.

For example, a meld of J*KA counts as 37 (11+12+13+1).

Other moves are allowed in the same first turn

If this option is set, then after you have played these complete melds (with the minimum number of points, if applicable), you may play other moves. Like adding cards from your hand to melds on the table, or make combinations.

Games with this rule

In RRRummy, Tile Rummy, Easy Rummy, Wooden Rummy and World Champs Rummy have the rule that you must play a meld of 30 as your first move. In Rozzy you must play a complete meld but there is no minimum; other built-in games in RRRummy don't have this rule.


In some Rummy type games, a variation of this rule applies. In Tile Rummy, you usually have to play complete melds of minimum 30 as your first move.
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