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Use the status bar hints

During a game, the status bar gives you important hints.

If it is not your turn, and there are no messages, the status bar is gray. Like: Wait for Rosaline to play.

When it is your turn, the status bar becomes pale green. Like this: Your turn. Play, or draw from the stock.

The message displayed always tells you which things you can do at the time.

Whenever you attempt something invalid, the status bar turns red. For example: These cards do not match.

Sometimes, the game wants to notify you about events that are not important enough to interrupt your game. Such messages are displayed in a yellow status bar: John Doe has left the table .

The message disappears after some time, but you can remove it yourself too if you click the close button ().

Online status

While you are playing online with other people, the online status icon is shown:

When it shows permanently, RRRummy has a working connection to the game server. When the icon is blinking, RRRummy is trying to connect again.

Update status

While RRRummy is downloading an update, the status bar shows this icon:

When the update has been downloaded and is ready to be installed, you'll see this icon:

You can click the icon to get more information.

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