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Zoom the table in or out

When there is little room on the table left, or if you want more room to be able to organize the melds in a special way, you might want to zoom out.

Or, if you prefer to play with larger cards or tiles, you will want to zoom in.

Zoom in or out

In menu Start new game, click
Setup and Preferences
, then choose Table and zoom

or in menu Playing the game, click
, then choose Table and zoom.

The Table and Zoom window opens. Here you can set your preferred zoom level. For a full explanation of this window, see the table and zoom window reference.

When, during the game, the table becomes too crowded to display all cards, the game may zoom out to create more space. As soon as there is enough space again, the zoom level is restored.

Using the keyboard

To zoom in, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+. (period).

To zoom out, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+, (comma).

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