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Quick start guide

Playing the game

  • In menu Start new game, click
    Computer game
    Then click on any of the listed tables A table in RRRummy is a combination of game rules, a number of players, and optionally a time limit.

    RRRummy keeps a list of favorite tables, so you can easily play your favorite games against the number of players you like. You can add, delete or sort your favorite tables.
    , e.g. Easy Rummy.
  • When it's your turn, play cards (or tiles) from your hand onto the table according to the game rules. You play a card by dragging it to its destination.
  • You may add cards to cards already on the table, and you may rearrange cards that are already on the table.
  • To end your turn, click anywhere in the stock area (on the right). (*)

Basic game rules

  • You play your cards (or tiles) to form runs or sets.
  • A run is formed by 3 or more cards of the same color (suit) and ascending values, like 456 .
  • A set is formed by 3 or 4 cards of the same value in different colors (suits), like 444 .
  • Jokers are wildcards that can be used in place of any other valid card. In many games, special restrictions apply. (*)
  • In your first move, you must play new runs or sets from your hand with a total value of 30 or more. (*)

(*) This may vary from game to game. See each game's game rule summary.

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