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Privacy statement

Your e-mail address and other personal data

This site does not require you to enter your e-mail address or other personal data.

If you supply your e-mail address, we will never use it to send you unsollicited e-mail.

We will never sell, give away or in any other way disclose your e-mail address or other personal data to other parties.


"Cookies" are small pieces of information that are stored by your internet browser on your computer. They are sent back to the web server when you open the next page on the same site, in order to pass information from page to page or from visit to visit.

This site uses session cookies to remember that you are logged in to the site. These cookies are deleted at the end of your internet browser session or when you log out.

Permanent cookies remain on your computer for some time, even when you close your internet browser. This site may use permanent cookies for the following:

Third parties

This site does not show advertizements and does not use other third party tracking mechanisms.

This site uses the services of other parties, for example to process your order. This document does not cover the privacy policy of such other parties.

Log files

In order to assist you when a problem may arise, this site keeps a log of when you log in, log out or start RRRummy on the web site, when you create, join or leave an online table, when an online game is started or won, and of your chat messages. All this information is deleted after 14 days.

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