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Latest version of RRRummy:7.3.4_405
Release date:21-Jun-2015

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Release history

Version: 7.3.4_405


  • Fixed: Crash when you tried to play the tutorial game
Version: 7.3.3_404


  • Fixed: Crash when you tried to view the game rules for the "Pup Rummy" game
Version: 7.3.2_403


  • Fixed: Crash when you clicked the "i" button in the online tables list
Version: 7.3.1_402


  • Fixed: Crash when you had downloaded additional languages in the past
Version: 7.3.0_401


  • Changed the app name to RRRummy
Version: 7.2.0_301


  • Bug fixed: Crash at game over when another player had joined the online game
Version: 7.2.0_300


  • Now the winner of a game starts the next game
  • Now you can delete a saved private online table
  • When a game is over, now it also shows the scores of the last game
  • In games with timer, now the computer players may take a little longer so you have more time to think
  • When a player wants to join an online table, the popup is delayed until the end of your turn
  • Made minor improvements in playing strategies
  • Bug fixed: If RRRummy couldn't connect to the game server at login, it showed "password incorrect"
  • Bug fixed: Crash when setting a background image that was too big
  • Bug fixed: Crash in online game when opponent clicked twice on Continue when time was up
  • Bug fixed: Crash when you chose "play for me" twice very fast in a row
  • Bug fixed: In some games, "draw until you can play" was shown in the rules as "at most 106 cards"
Version: 7.1.8_281


  • Bug fixed: Crash in games with rule "you must play if you can" in the easy thinking level
Version: 7.1.8_280


  • When your opponent wants to trade a duplicate card, your game view is no longer obscured
  • Made the easy playing level easier
  • Bug fixed: Chat alert sound wasn't playing when using Java version 7
  • Bug fixed: There was a way to circumvent a specific combination of joker rules
  • Bug fixed: Crash if you tried to added nonmatching cards to a loose Joker on the table
  • Bug fixed: Occasional crash in online game if your opponent undoes a move involving a joker
  • Bug fixed: If you changed your password, the login box also remembered the old password
  • Bug fixed: Occasional crash in games against the computer where you must play if you can
Version: 7.1.7_271


  • Bug fixed: Feedback dialog was always shown in English
Version: 7.1.7_270


  • RRRummy now shows tips about features that may easily be overlooked by new players
  • Added a new builtin game: Pup Rummy, with the most relaxed joker rules
  • At the end of a game, the opponent's cards are now shown sorted
  • Bug fixed: Under Java version 7, RRRummy didn't actually stop when the window was closed, making installation of updates fail
Version: 7.1.6_260


  • When you go and play online for the very first time, RRRummy now asks you whether to create an account first
  • RRRummy now silently tries to activate your online account with the key of the downloaded RRRummy
  • Bug fixed: Crash in an online game when a player left while another one had knocked
  • Bug fixed: If a table started while the RRRummy applet was minimized, the "who begins" window was shown in an illogical location on the screen.
  • Bug fixed: Very rare crash when starting a game when using a non-English language
  • Bug fixed: Some text in the welcome screen was misaligned
Version: 7.1.5_250


  • If a non-activated RRRummy is used to play online with a full online account, it now shows the login name instead of "15 day evaluation"
  • Added an easy way to set a custom background image in the Looks menu
  • Improved the welcome screen
  • Added more "Tile Rummy" game variations
  • Bug fixed: Problem with accented or non-latin characters during online play.
Version: 7.1.4_242


  • Bug fixed: Crash in a game with discard pile against the computer
Version: 7.1.4_241


  • Bug fixed: Crash when you had to draw cards for penalty in an online game
Version: 7.1.4_240


  • Bug fixed: Very occasionally, your opponent could play during your turn in an online game, leading to a crash
  • Bug fixed: Occasional crash on Macintosh when sounds are on
  • Bug fixed: Crash in theme editor when adding a non-existent image, sound or font file
  • Bug fixed: Crash when you were already online and then your broadband modem detected that there was no connection to the internet.
  • Bug fixed: Occasional crash when you were waiting for tables in a private room
  • Bug fixed: Vary rare crash when trying to select another cardset or theme
  • Bug fixed: When an online game went offline, RRRummy could say that you must play something when you actually couldn't.
  • Bug fixed: During the deal of a new game, you could undo to the last position in the previous game
Version: 7.1.3_230


  • Changed evaluation version limitation to 15 days of usage instead of 1 hour per day
  • Bug fixed: Crash when you went online and your broadband modem detected that there was no connection to the internet.
  • Bug fixed: Crash when you viewd the players at the table right after you were removed from the table
  • Bug fixed: some crashes while the computer was thinking
Version: 7.1.2_220


  • Bug fixed: Initial Welcome screen was always in English regardless of the preferred language
Version: 7.1.1_210


  • Bug fixed: Crash if you tried to log in with no name or password entered
  • Bug fixed: Improved the appearance of disabled button icons
  • Bug fixed: Rare crash when you tried to pick up a card or a meld
Version: 7.1.0_200


  • First non-beta release of RRRummy 7.1.0
  • Improved the appearance of the disabled button icons
Version: 7.1.0_174


  • Bug fixed: Displayed a spurious message when RRRummy was up to date and update preferences were set to check but not download.
  • Bug fixed: Tutorial didn't use the translation.
  • Bug fixed: Crash in a game where you can draw more cards when you left incomplete melds on the table
  • Bug fixed: Occasional crash if you tried to pick up a card from a meld with two jokers
  • Bug fixed: Possible crash after finishing the tutorial
Version: 7.1.0_169


  • You can now opt for updates to be downloaded and installed automatically
  • You can now opt for the menus to be hidden, to get a bigger playing area
  • Reorganized the menus: you get the same menu when it's your turn or not. Some choices were combined into new dropdown menus.
  • In a private online game room, you can now add computer players to your table
  • Online games in a private game room are now saved when you leave the table, and you can resume a saved table later
  • Now you can collapse and expand the online table entries, for a better overview if there are many tables
  • Added a sound volume preference setting
  • Added MP3 support in the download version
  • Added option to automatically log in when going to play online (download version)
  • Added online status icon (offline, connecting, online)
  • Added a Tutorial game
  • Added a Welcome screen
  • Added a theme editor (download version)
  • Improved the way the insertion point for cards is computed when manually sorting your hand
  • Bug fixed: In some preferences, not all changes were saved if you changed more than one option
  • Bug fixed: If you undid a move with Ctrl-Z while pointing to a card, the card was duplicated when you clicked, leading to a crash later.
  • Bug fixed: If you pointed to the stock and hit Enter to draw, you could draw another card which would lead to a crash later.
  • Bug fixed: Crash in an online game when you drew a card from the discard pile using the Draw menu
  • Bug fixed: In a game with stock and discard pile, an empty stock wasn't always refilled from the discard pile
  • Bug fixed: Crash in a game against the computer with discard pile when stock was empty
  • Bug fixed: Crash when it's computer's turn in a game where freed jokers must be used in a new meld with cards from your hand
  • Bug fixed: Crash after you tried to replace two jokers at once
  • Bug fixed: Crash in a game with discard pile against the computer
  • Bug fixed: Crash after "Play for me" drew a card and then the time went up
  • Bug fixed: Crash when RRRummy couldn't connect to the game server
  • Bug fixed: Possible crash when a game was won and another player has joined the table during the game
  • Bug fixed: Occasional crash if sounds are turned on
  • Bug fixed: Rare crash when a dialog was shown
Version: 7.0.4_340


  • Added your score in the "You win/you lose" window
  • Fixed: Sometimes a card was drawn from the stock or discard pile at the start of your turn in an online game
  • To report an error on a Macintosh, you can now also bring up the extra menu with Ctrl+Shift+F10
Version: 7.0.3_330


  • Added option to remove a game room name from the online menu
  • Fixed: Crash on startup in some non-English speaking countries
  • Fixed: Crash in game against the computer in a game where you can draw as many as you like from the discard pile
  • Fixed: Crash in online game because you could undo a card played to the discard pile
  • Fixed: Crash when an online game went offline and you had picked up cards from your hand
  • Fixed: Crash when you picked up a card that you just had traded as a duplicate
  • Fixed: Crash when the game was zoomed while the Table and Zoom preferences window was open
  • Fixed: If you closed the chat dialog window after going offline, the next time the chat bar and dialog were both visible.
Version: 7.0.2_322


  • Changed evaluation mode to play 60 minutes per calendar day
  • Bug Fixed: Crash after "Play for me" in a game with a time limit
  • Bug Fixed: Crash when resuming a game that previously ended in error
  • Bug Fixed: Occasional crash during online game
  • Bug Fixed: Crash after resuming a game while other dialog windows were open
Version: 7.0.2_320


  • Bug Fixed: Sometimes a valid license key wasn't accepted
  • Bug Fixed: Sometimes RRRummy wouldn't start at all
  • Bug Fixed: Sometimes the options were reset to their initial values
  • Bug Fixed: You could play from the spares without playing something from your hand
  • Bug Fixed: Cards in your hand (sorted yourself) would move to the right if you attempted to place a card directly in front
  • Bug Fixed: Crash when you resumed a game that was saved from an online game after other players had left
  • Bug Fixed: Crash if you picked up a card that would replace a joker in the cards you were moving
  • Bug Fixed: Crash after choosing "Play for me" when no move could be found
  • Bug Fixed: Crash when stock was empty in a game with rule "if you don't play, draw more from the stock"
  • Bug Fixed: Crash after you continue a game offline while the opponent still has turns to skip
  • Bug Fixed: Crash if you added a joker and other cards to a meld ending in 13.
Version: 7.0.1_310


  • Bug fixed: Penalty of skipping turns wasn't enforced in an online game
  • Bug fixed: Penalty of skipping turns could be circumvented by saving and resuming the game
  • Bug fixed: Crash if you closed the knock window with the [X] button
  • Bug fixed: Possible crash if you replaced a joker in a set
Version: 7.0.0_305


  • Bug fixed: Sometimes melds were moved around with no reason
  • Bug fixed: When your hand was full, the game zoomed out instead of adding a row to your hand
  • Bug fixed: Sometimes a valid license key wasn't accepted
Version: 7.0.0_300


  • Initial release of the new RRRummy
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