Configure automatic updates (download version only)

RRRummy can check regularly if free updates are available, and can even automatically download and install such free updates.

How to configure updates

In menu Start new game, click
Setup and Preferences
, then choose Automatic updates

or in menu Help, click
, then choose Update preferences.

The Updates window opens. Here you can change the way RRRummy is checking for updates:

Yes, automatically download and install free updates

This is the recommended setting. RRRummy will check for free updates and automatically download them. Downloaded updates are installed when you restart RRRummy.

Check for updates but don't automatically download

RRRummy will check for updates, and if an update is available, you'll see a message. Then you can download the update from the website and install it yourself.

No, don't check for updates

RRRummy will not check for updates.

Playing online with other people may still require you to download and install a free upgrade.