Undo and redo my moves

In RRRummy, you can almost always undo your moves if you made a mistake. The only exceptions are that you cannot undo drawing a card from the stock The stock is a pile or pool, that holds the cards that were not dealt at the start of the game. During the game, you can draw additional cards from the stock. or from the discard pile The discard pile is a separate pile of cards that are turned face up, next to the stock, available in some games. During the game, you can draw cards from the discard pile, and you end your turn by playing a card onto the discard pile. , and that you cannot undo the trading of a duplicate card.

Undo a single move

In menu Playing the game, click

Alternatively, you can use the Backspace key, or the shortcut Ctrl+Z.

More undo and redo options

In menu Playing the game, click
Undo and redo

Then in the menu, you'll see one or more of the following options:

Undo one move will undo one move. Using the keyboard: Backspace, or Ctrl+Z.

Undo to last valid table will undo all moves that you did since the table contained all valid melds. Using the keyboard: Shift+Backspace, or Shift+Ctrl+Z.

Undo all moves will undo all the moves that you did in your turn. Using the keyboard, when the table contains no invalid melds: Shift+Backspace, or Shift+Ctrl+Z.

Redo one move will redo the last move that you undid. Using the keyboard: Ctrl+Y.

Redo all move will redo all the moves that you undid. Using the keyboard: Shift+Ctrl+Y.

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