Game over

In this window, you see the results of a game when it is finished. You can choose to play another game, or to leave the table now.


1. Game result

Here you see whether you have won or lost the game, and who the winner is if it isn't you.

2. Statistics

Here your statistics are listed. See the Player editor reference for a full explanation of each statistic.

3. Session scores

This lists the scores of each player at the table so far. See the Scores window reference for a full explanation of the scores.

4. Leave table

With this button, you leave the table. In a game against the computer, the table is saved so you can resume the table later. In an online game against other people, this enables you to leave the game without the risk of being penalized in your competition.

5. Next game

With this button, you start the next game at your table.

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