Player editor

In the Player editor you can set details of a player name A player is an alternate name you use for playing games. For every player, individual statistics are kept, and each player can have one saved table.

See: Add player names
: the name (only for a new player), the playing level of the computer players, and you can view and clear the statistics for that player.


The Player editor for a new player

1. Name

Here you type the name of the new player. The name must be unique; it cannot be the same as the name of another player.

2. Computer plays at level:

Here you can change how hard the computer thinks when it's his turn:

Automatic: the computer's strength adapts itself to your results. If you win most of the games, the computer will start playing stronger, and if you lose many games, the computer will start playing weaker.

Easy: the computer will play weaker if it is closer to winning the game than you are. You will have a fair chance of actually winning the game.

Medium: the computer will play somewhat weaker if it is much closer to winning the game than you are. You might be able to win tricky games after all.

Hard: the computer always plays at his best. You will have a hard time winning the game!


The Player editor for an existing player

3. Statistics

Here you can view the statistics that are kept for this player. Separate statistics are kept for games played against the computer, and for games played online against other people.

Played is the total number of games you played.

Won is the number of games you won.

Lost is the number of games you lost.

Total score is the total score you accumulated in those games.

Average score is the average score you got per game.

Win rate is a better indication of your strength than the mere percentage of games won, if you played tables with three or four players. For example, if you win half of all your games, then that is a much better achievement if those were all won at four player tables, then it would be if they were all two player tables.

The win rate is the number of games won, compared to the number of games you are expected to win if all players were to be of equal strength. For example, if you win every second game at a two player table, your win rate would be 50%. But if, at a four player table, you would win one game out of four, it is equally good, so your win rate would also be 50%.

Aborted is the number of games that you started but didn't finish, or where you asked for a hint.

4. Clear statistics

With this button, you reset your statistics to all zeroes again.

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