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How to use modified libraries (LGPL)

The downloaded RRRummy package contains one or more libraries that were distributed under the GNU LGPL v2.1 license.

In short, this license allows you to download the source code, make modifications, and let RRRummy use your modified version of the library.

How to let RRRummy use a modified library

  1. Download the Java source code of the library from this website. See below for links.
  2. Make your modifications to the source code. Compile it and package the compiled classes into a .jar file.
  3. In the user data directory of RRRummy, create a subdirectory named lib and place your jarfile there. The next time you start RRRummy, it will use your modified library instead of the version that came with the installation.

    The path to the user data directory is listed in the About window of RRRummy.

Download source code - Library for playing MP3 sound files