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Stop playing at an online table

You can always leave an online table and stop playing.

Leaving a table during a game will probably upset the other players, and if you do it often, other people might not want to play with you any more.

If you leave during a game while you are playing in a competition, then you may get penalty points for quitting, depending on the competition setup.

When a game is over, and the Game over window is still showing, you can always leave without getting penalty points.

If you leave while you are playing in a private game room, then the table is saved and you can continue your game at a later time.

Leave an online table

In menu Playing the game, click
Leave table
, then choose Stop playing at this table.

The actual text of the menu item may differ, depending on the actual situation. It will reflect the impact that leaving the table will have on you or on the other players.

Unlike a table against the computer, a public online table is never saved. You cannot resume an public online game after you left the table. Private online tables are automatically saved.

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