Setting up an online account

If you would like to play RRRummy with other people, then you need an online account on this site.

This guide lists the steps to take to setup an account.

Sign up as a new member

First, you have to sign up as a new member of this site (create an account).

Note: You do not have an account automatically just because you purchased RRRummy.

You can create an account here.

The signup form will ask you for your nickname (login name) and password. You can think of these yourself, these are not necessarily the same as your name and license key.

Your nickname

This is the name that other people will see when they are playing with you. If you don't want other people to know your real name, then you should think of something else.

Your password

You will need your password every time you log in to this site. So, you should think of something that you can easily remember.

You will need to log in to this site to join a competition, or see your competition scores. Or to mark players as being nice, so you can easily recognize them in the future.

Log in to the website

When you have created an account, the next time you can just log in using your nickname and password. You can use the login form, or use the login boxes at the top of each page on this website.

Log in from RRRummy

If you have downloaded RRRummy and you go and play "online" with other people, you will see a login screen. Here you should enter your nickname and password.

When you tick the box Remember names and passwords on this computer, then your nickname and password are already filled out the next time you go and play online, so you only have to click the Login button.

Activate your account

Don't forget to activate your account with your RRRummy license key!

If you don't activate your account, you can play for only 15 days, and you can't play in competitions.

To activate your account, enter your license key in the activation form, or click the link in the mail that you got when you purchased RRRummy. You might have to enter your nickname and password first.

In case you forgot your license key, you can retrieve it here.