Table editor

In the Table editor, you combine game rules A game is a set of rule options.

You can add your own game by selecting the game rule options you like best.
, a number of players, and optionally a time limit per turn In a game with a time limit, you have only a limited time to complete your turn. Some games come with a preset time limit, in other games you can choose your own time limit, if you like one.

See: time limit rule.
, to form a table A table in RRRummy is a combination of game rules, a number of players, and optionally a time limit.

RRRummy keeps a list of favorite tables, so you can easily play your favorite games against the number of players you like. You can add, delete or sort your favorite tables.


1. Pick your game

In this list, you choose the game that you want to play at this table. See How can I create my own games to learn how you can add your own games here.

2. View the game rules

This large box shows a summary of the game rules for the game that you selected in the games list. You can click on a blue link to get help about that specific rule.

3. Choose the number of players

Here you choose the number of players at this table. You yourself are the first player; the remaining seats will be occupied by computer players.

4. Select a time limit per turn

In this selection box, you can select the time limit that you have to complete a turn.

If the selected game has a preset time limit, then this box shows that time limit, but you can't change it.

5. Make this table a favorite

If you check this box, the table will be added to your favorite tables, so you can easily start it again.

If the table already is a favorite table of yours, or if you are setting up your favorite tables, this checkbox is not visible.

6. Create a random table

If you click this button, then a random game is selected, with a random number of players and a random time limit. Of course, you can still change any of these, or click this button again, before you continue.

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