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Change the computer's playing level

Each player name A player is an alternate name you use for playing games. For every player, individual statistics are kept, and each player can have one saved table.

See: Add player names
has its own playing level, at which the computer thinks about its moves. You can change the level, or set it to change automatically with your results.

Change the computer's playing level

In menu Start new game, click
Setup and Preferences
, then choose Setup players.

The Setup players window opens. Click on the player name concerned, then click the Edit button.

The player editor opens, where you can change the Computer plays at level option.

For a full explanation of this window, see the player editor reference.

During a game

During a game, you can also open the player editor for the active player as follows:

In menu Playing the game, click
Game info
, then choose Players at the table.

The Players at the table window opens. Click on the Edit button next to the player name. This opens the player editor, where you can set the computer's playing level.