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Consult the help files from within RRRummy

You can get help directly from within RRRummy.

See the help contents

In menu Help, click
, then choose Contents.

This opens the front page of the help files, in a separate window.

If you run RRRummy directly from the web site, then your browser may stop the separate window ("popup window") from opening. Often, a message bar is then shown just above the RRRummy menus, that lets you open the popup window after all.

WARNING: in some browsers, this means that RRRummy is reloaded, and started all over again. If you were in a game, you will have left the table when RRRummy reloads. It is best to try this, and set up your browser to allow pop windows for the RRRummy.com site, when you are not playing a game.

More help

In most windows, there is a Help button that opens the help file for that window.

And in some windows, there are separate help buttons for selected options, that open the help file for that option.

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