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Get a hint when I am stuck in the game

If you ever get stuck within a game of RRRummy, you can ask the computer for a hint to get you going again.

Ask for a hint

In menu Playing the game, click
, then choose Show hint.

If there is a move available, then the computer will show it to you by moving the cards as if it was playing that move. Then, the table is reverted to the old state, so you can try and play the same move.

If the computer can find no move, it will show a message in the center of the window.

TIP: if you ever wonder whether you can play a particular card, just put that card somewhere on the table (on its own) and ask for a hint. The computer will try and find a move that puts that card in a valid meld.

WARNING: Asking for a hint is cheating, really. Therefore if you ask for a hint, the game will not be counted in your statistics. Also, hints are not available in an online game with other people.

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