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Play with friends at a private table

You can play RRRummy with friends or family in a private game room, and play in peace without the risk of other people intruding.

Before you can play in a private game room, you need to think of a room name and share it with your friends. The room name acts like a password that will only allow you and your friends access to the game room.

Play in a private game room

In menu Start new game, click
Online game

If you have played in your private room before, it is probably listed under the header Private game rooms:. Click on the room name to select it and continue.

If your room name is not yet listed in the menu, then click the bottom item, Other private room. A window will open where you can type your room name.

Either way, next the Available tables window opens. Here you can add a new table, or join a table that someone else created in your private room.

For a full explanation of this window, see the online tables window reference.

Download version

In the download version, RRRummy will have to login to your online account before you can play online. Therefore, you will see the login screen first.

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