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See the game rules before I start a table

Before you actually start a table A table in RRRummy is a combination of game rules, a number of players, and optionally a time limit.

RRRummy keeps a list of favorite tables, so you can easily play your favorite games against the number of players you like. You can add, delete or sort your favorite tables.
, you might want to see the game rules A game is a set of rule options.

You can add your own game by selecting the game rule options you like best.
, so you can decide whether you like the game or not.

See the game rules for a table

In menu Start new game, click
Computer game
, then click the button in front of the table name.

Now, the table editor is opened for that table, that (amongst other things) contains a summary of the game rules, with clickable links to help pages for each rule.

If you then decide you want to play this game, then simply click the Start playing button.

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