Login to RRRummy online (download version only)

Before you can play online in the download version, you have to log in to your online account. In this window, you can enter your nickname and password, in order to log in.


1. Your nickname (login name)

Here you can enter your online nickname (login name). If you have logged in before, you can pick your name from the selection list.

2. Your online login password

In this box, tou type the password that corresponds to the login nickname you entered above.

3. Remember login

Here you can choose if and how RRRummy will remember your login.

Automatically log me in next time: The next time you go and play online, RRRummy will log you in automatically, and you won't see this login window any more.

Remember names and passwords on this computer: Your nickname and password are remembered, but you are not automatically logged in. Next time you'll see this window again, and you can pick a login if you have more than one.

Don't remember names and passwords: Your nickname and password are not remembered. You'll have to type them in the next time.

4. Create an online account

If you haven't created an online account yet, then this link will open a web page where you can sign up and become an online member of the RRRummy web site.

5. I forgot my password

In case you forgot the password for your existing online account, this link will open a web page where you can retrieve the password for your nickname, or your e-mail address.

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