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RRRummy Membership Terms

  1. Your license

    1. A membership of this site gives you the right to use this site and the RRRummy software found on this site, subject to any restrictions described in these membership terms.
    2. The "nickname" (login name) and password linked to your membership are strictly personal. You are not allowed to sell, hire or share these login credentials, or publish them in any other way.
    3. A full membership ends automatically when you haven't logged in for one year.
    4. When your membership ends, your nickname, password and all stored data will be lost and cannot be retrieved, including but not limited to competition memberships and scores.
    5. With your nickname and password, you may log in and play RRRummy from exactly one computer and one browser window or tab at any given time.
  2. Your behavior on this site

    1. You are not allowed to use language of sexual, insulting, or otherwise offending nature, nor commercial expressions or pointers (like URLs), in places that are visible to other visitors of the site, including but not limited to your member name, your member tag, and chat messages.
    2. You are not allowed to behave in any way that other users of the site or the software may in fairness experience as annoying, insulting or otherwise of offending nature.
    3. You are fully responsible for the behavior of anyone using the site or the software when logged in with your account.
    4. You can create a limited number of additional accounts for other people, but you remain responsible for the behavior of anyone using the site or the software when logged in with such an additional account.
  3. Evaluation membership

    1. When you sign up, you initially get an evaluation membership that allows you to evaluate the software on this site.
    2. As an evaluation member, you may use the software with certain additional restrictions, as described elsewhere on this site.
    3. You can upgrade an evaluation membership and become a full member by entering a valid RRRummy license key in the appropriate form on the site.
    4. Any given valid RRRummy license key can be used no more than one time, in order to upgrade one single evaluation membership.
    5. An evaluation membership ends automatically when you haven't logged in for one month.
  4. Legal issues

    1. By signing up to, you implicitly agree to all of the terms listed in this document.
    2. You may not modify or reverse engineer the RRRummy software, nor may you take any action in an attempt to circumvent the login procedure, the copy protection or other restrictions.
    3. If you violate the RRRummy Membership Terms in any way, your membership will end immediately and unconditionally, without any restitution, to the sole discretion of the site administrator of
    4. You will not hold YPR Software B.V., nor the owner or the administrator of, nor any associated individual or organization, responsible for any damage that may occur while using this site or the software found on this site, to the extent that applicable law permits.
    5. These terms may change at any time without notice. If these terms do change, you are deemed to have agreed with the changed terms implicitly. The current membership terms are always available for your review on the site.
    6. If these terms are available in more than one language on the web site, the authoritive version of the terms is the version in the English language.
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